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02-28-2008, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
finally a good game!


who's next now? i still don't know how everything works. who do they play in the pre-POs?
Nothing to get too worked up about. Skovde came to play with 2 juniors on the first line, and a division 2 like keeper. This was their last game, and they were done anyway, so nobody on their squad played with much heart, let alone skill.

Regardless, some interesting points about the game:

Snider is now on the 3rd line and didn't score... didn't even have a point.

Tselios was suspended as a result of his game misconduct against Olostrom.

The D looks like a bunch of delerious chickens every time the puck enters the zone.

Nissinen had a great game despite the dominans of OHK.

Peltola had three assists.

Lihagen had three goals.

First lne looked great again.... against a non-issue opponent.

Lihagen - Peltola - Fors (2nd line) could be something.

OHK still had three penalties in the last 10 minutes of this game as well...

They now move on to play @ Tranas in what is called Play-Off 2, which is a best of 3 series. Game 2 and 3 (if needed) will be played in Orebro.

Assuming they can get by a team that didn't make it to Allettan and whom they've beaten easily three times this season already, they will move on to play-off 3, where the winner of Allettan Norra, Asploven, or Allettan Mellan, Vasby, is waiting for them. Who Orebro will play is decided by a draw (OHK can't play a team from it's own Alletta, which rules out Troja). The two runner up from Allettan Sodra and Mellan (Mariestad vs. Valbo) also play each other, as the fourth series in Play-off 3.

The four winners of those series move on and play Kvalserien (round-robin x2) together with Hammarby and Huddinge. Since Hammarby is about to file bankruptcy and has declared that they will relegate without contest, Kvalserien will only have 5 teams from which two teams will be promoted to next years Allsvenska.

The farce commence on March 1 (Saturday).

Clear as mud, ehe??

I truly wonder if anybody over at the Swedish Hockey Federation is thinking that none of this is a good idea. Everybody loses with this idiotic structuring of divisions.

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