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02-28-2008, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by handtrick View Post
Looking back into my emails, NMK, I just found it...sorry I didn't reply...I have 576 unread ones right now....mostly hand surgery related, but I just don't check them like I should.

I have been lying low on the other boards because of the idiot factor....just having trouble handling it lately......maybe a little burn out as well.

Just got out of the routine of coming over here when things were so slow.....will plan to come over more for the playoff push.

And V82.....hammered at the Ball...pffft....I wasn't even slurring too bad yet.....nor did I grope your date like pred303 would have done..........maybe I can share some stuff from the ball if I get time later.......
HT...I was standing right next to you, I'm fairly certain, a couple of games back, pre-game. I've also sat next to QM...I'm just not very good at walking up and introducing myself. Anyway....glad to have you back, and as always, looking forward to any candid information you can share


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