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02-28-2008, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by mattihp View Post
Could this be vaguely linked to the level of referees?
he he... well, granted they don't have NHL refs skating around in Div 1, I guess one can conclude that the refs would be prone to make more mistakes. However, I'm not one to blame refs, and the problem with blaming the refs, like the Orebro fans and board members like to do, is that OHK consistently get more penalties than its opponents.

To take that a step further, if those penalties were for roughing, boarding, or even fighting, I'd be open to the idea that the players were just a bit "overly" excited. However, most of their penalties are tripping, hooking, and holding, which means they don't move their feet.

Back to the refs, even if the refs suck, they usually suck both ways, so therefore the calls will eventually even out, if not for a game, at least for the season. Also, these guys (EX North Amercian Minor league, SEL and Allsvenskan players) are good enough to not only understand but actually adjust to the level that the ref has set that night. Unfortunately, this seems to be very tough for OHK to understand, and after every loss (and sometimes win), OHK's leadership comes out and whines about the officials.

In my book it's easy. If you consistently pick up 6 penalties for hooking, try skating with your stick on the ice, and see if that helps. If you still get a bunch of penalties for hooking, I think it's fair to take a look at what the ref is doing.

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