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02-28-2008, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
tranas had it much easier to get to PO2...that's funny. end up worse in the season and you play worse team to succeed. end up top2 and you have to fight better teams to get a top3 spot out of 8. now this is logic.
I obviously have a problem with it as well, but I think this actually benefits OHK though. I mean, if Tranas presents ANY problem to them, they don't belong in the race for Allsvenskan. However, given the late additions and the mind boggeling losses, Play-Off 2 gives OHK at least two more games to play together before they really need to step up. Even if Tranas shouldn't be in a postion to challenge, it is better to play them than to sit in Play-Off 3 and scrimmage black on white in practice, while waiting for someone to come out of Play-Off 2. This rationale may not be true for a team that stayed the same thorughout the year. Either way, the system itself is insane.

Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
do you see any chances this season to promote? i don't. this team is simply not playing his best hockey. and besides the new finns and the lihagen line (especially fors), there's not much at the moment. i can't see how they want to find an extra gear.
Hard to tell for the very reason you just stated - not playing well enough. Adding a new keeper, one defense men, two forwards, and shaking up all lines but the first 2/3's into the season is tough. Just look at what it does to many of the NHL clubs, and the NHL players are full-blooded pro's with more time to practice and know more about each other from day 1 than they do in Orebro.

So far, Niskanen isn't getting more than "meeting expectations" from the local media and the coaches, and they all want more because of his contract. However, he's stuck in between a rock and a hard place when his partner is not going hard to the corner, his forwards are whimsing around in the defensive zone, get beat to the middle, not picking up their points, and are out of position for the outlet passes. In the midst of all this, he is trying to get in sync with Nissinen. The more I think about it, he is underpaid

So, how good can OHK be if they come together as a team? I'm sure they COULD beat anybody in Kvalserien, let alone all these play-offs with the talent they have. The question is, in my mind, how long will it take for them to jell? and, are the imports going to adjust to OHK, or is OHK going to elevate to meet the imports? I don't know the attitude or the locker room, but maybe a couple of solid games against Tranas will do it.

The bigger question in my mind is still, IF they would make it and get into Allsvenskan, who are going to keep them there? I don't think Peltola, Niskanen, Nissinen, nor Fors are planning on staying around after this season is over.

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