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Originally Posted by Potter
I think this is the first time I've read Brooks and actually completly agreed with him and his logic here. Seriously I think this really is.

Anyway free I totally disagree with you. IF clouts is a FA then we should DEFINETLY sign him to a 2 year deal, even a 3 year deal with a 4th year option. Make the contract front loaded so he doesn't hurt us financially like a franchise tender when Blackburn or Ludquist get up here, show what their worth and start making it. Blackburn and Ludquist should both spend next season in Hartford and stay there all year unless we get an injury. We should sign Clouts (or Knabibulin) if we can (and make them the #1 obviously), then have our other goalies like Labarera, Mclennen, maybe even draft a goalie in the middle or the end of the draft somewhere, and those other slobs we picked up on the deadline to fight it out for the backup with the big club.

Next year we would have Clouts/Knabi as our starter. A decent backup with emerge from that group right there. If theres an injury, Blackburn or Ludquist will get the call to be the backup for the big club. The next season, give last years backup, blacky, and luquist a chance to fight it our for the backup with the big club and if blacky or luquist win it, give them about 20-25 starts so they wont get rusty for a year. Then the next year, if Clouts is gone, Blackburn and Ludquist will be seasoned for two years (at this points we'll have an idea of how good they will really be), and they will take over, maybe split it like Minnesota. If Clouts is still there and going strong then same thing, let him start and give Blacky/Ludquist say 25-30 starts. Then its three years and you either got Blacky/Ludquist ready to take over the franchise or you resign Clouts/Knabi and draft some more projects. All the time in the AHL and a good long taste test of the NHL will make them better goaltenders for the long run anyway. Good call by Larry. Slats should take that seriously.
my fault you said either of them as our starter i thought u said both i appologize

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