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02-28-2008, 04:50 PM
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I'm assuming you mean 3 shooters at top 1 on the side and like one in front, is that right?

To counter this I would have 1 forward alway at the top hovering from the ringette line up to the middle guy takeing away that middle shot. If the puck gets passed to say the right side shooter then have either pker (lets just say a forward) pressure him slightly . The forward that was at the top should be very conscience of the cross ice pass. If or when it makes it to the other side since your forward will have been on the other side a d will have to move up.

So basically you'll always have two guys down protecting the net. If the puck is at the very top then you'll only have one guy high but the two guys need to be ready to go to their respective shooters to cover. This should prevent most quality shots and allow you to outnumber them in front of the goal.

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