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04-25-2004, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fotiu22
interesting...what relationship? I never heard about it. I was reading a few places that the Giants shouldve picked Justin Smiley (alabama) who was rated higher.
Chris Snee has a child with Coughlin's daughter.....they aren't married but they do have a kid. He's a good player but as bad as our O'line is, we could be worse on the inside. Seubert, Diehl, O'hara and Lucier aren't that bad, not to mention all fairly young. Seems like guys are going to get moved out to tackle(Diehl) just so the Giants could bring in Snee.

Also....the reason we gave up our 1st in 05 was because Accorsi wouldn't give up the 2nd rounder this year, with which we selected Snee. It doesn't make much sense that they would want Snee early in the 2nd round instead of a first round pick next year, especially when Snee doesn't fill that big of a whole.

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