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04-25-2004, 10:31 PM
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Hull and Shanahan

Does acquiring both Hull and Shanahan make any sense? A little bit IMO.


1.We could trade one or both of Tkachuk and Weight (this would save salary, but I don't know Hull and Shanny's contract length, I'd do this contigent on theirs being much shorter) for Hull and Shanahan maybe something extra. Weight would definetly waive is NTC(he's from Michigan) for this I don't consider it an obstacle here.

Right now here's the numbers

Weight 7,000,000-Hull 5,000,000
Tkachuk 9,000,000-Shanahan 6,500,000
= 5.5 million savings for next year. Plus a lot more in the long run, when Hull and Shanahan's contracts expire before Weight and Tkachuk's. Hull has said he'd quit if there was a stoppage, so that would save us 5 million more, although I'd like to see him play a season.

2.There's also the factor for management that having these two back would sell a lot of tickets, even if the Blues have a horrendous year.

3. There is no other possible scenario where could get rid of both guys at once to the same team.

4. Hull and Shanahan retire in Saint Louis.


1. We make Detroit a lot better in this deal, no question. Giving them excellent, although pricey replacements for Yzerman and Shanahan. Weight may still have his old 100 point self somewhere and Tkachuk would perform a lot better with a better supporting cast. This trade only make sense if we are on a 3-4 year rebuilding plan since we're making our rival so much better.

2. This is solely a salary dump and publicity stunt. I wouldn't do this deal if there was a way we could get something like a prospect and/or a pick for either Tkachuk or Weight.


1. I mentioned something extra. Perhaps since the Blues might be able to get a pick or prospect out of this deal. I'm not sure.

I don't know what I'd do here this is all just rhetorical. I'm not even sure if Shanahan is under contract next season. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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