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04-26-2004, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
Go ahead I don't take what people say to me on message boards that seriously..... I watch every Giants game and try and watch as much College as I can.

Manning will be good, maybe great, but Rivers and Big Ben certainly can be good Qb's as well. I don't think it was worth what we gave up to get him instead of Rivers. Accorsi could have gone about acquiring Manning in a much more profitable way by trading down in order to select Rivers, who obviously was going to be traded to San Diego. Doesn't make much sense to me to take Rivers 4th, when you can take him 7th and get a 2nd round pick. That second rounder would atleast cancel out the 3rd we gave up this year and would give us 2 picks at the start of the 2nd round.

By saying I don't watch college football I am guessing that you think I don't see any value in these players. But that's not the case....I said I didn't see why we got a guard in Snee when we need a tackle more and have other wholes to fill at the same time. Also Snee's relationship with Coughlin's daughter makes me worry about why this pick was made.
Ok, first off........the whole basis for the trade was set up with the intent of the Giants selecting Rivers for the Chargers. It wasnt like the Giants just decided upon their own free will that they wanted Rivers and were going to take him, his selection with the 4th pick was mandated by the Chargers. The Giants were told right before they picked (or a few days before the pick if you believe some sources) that they were to use their pick on Rivers, it was the Chargers' doing. Essentially it wasn't really the player (rivers) that the Chargers were trading for, it was the 4th pick. If the Chargers wanted to trade down a few spots to get something else than that would be up to them, not the G-men. And trust me, no one was about to give up a 2nd round pick to move up from the 7th. If your sitting at 7 then you are guarenteed one of Winslow, Taylor, or Williams with neither being any type of consolation prize, let alone one worth a 2nd round pick.

As for the Snee selection, it was a solid move in it's own right. This move will allow Deihl to move to right tackle and will add an immense amount of talent in Snee. To an extent you cant just draft based on positions of need, you take the best value and the BPA, and Snee fit the bill. When it comes to the offensive line the strategy has to consist of throwing your best 5 players out on the field, no matter what spot they play. Talent level is much more important than familiarity with a position, especially before training camp has even begun. The line will shuffle and will be upgraded, I guarentee it. Snee is a guy who came out early and still managed to be a 2nd round pick, meaning he is still raw (he switched positions) but he also is polished enough to warrant an early selection. Actually he was predicted to go in the late 1st round by many sources. An excellent value pick by the Giants.

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