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02-29-2008, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303 View Post
not much positive from these last 3 odd games of course... probably the one exception has been the powerplay with two pp goals in each of the past three games (first time this year with multiple pp goals in 3 consecutive games).

appears we have added a couple of new wrinkles to what we're doing out there, espeically with the first unit we're icing (arnott, legwand, dumont, zidlicky, weber/koistinen/suter). notice a couple of things we seem to be trying.

one, when the puck goes to the left point, we're sending legwand straight in to screen the goalie, and bringing dumont in tight right off the right post (we were simply sending dumont in front and keeping legwand out on the right halfboard). this is giving us better net presence with two guys down low, and with the additional traffic we've been getting to more rebounds off those point shots (think the arnott, legwand rebound goals). legwand has also been doing a good job at screening the goalie here lately. at least three of these pp goals have been with him providing a good screen. and in addition he picked up a nice rebound goal against buffalo in there.

another thing we've been doing, is every now and then switching halfboards, and running the pp for a minute or so off the the left halfboard, running a 'righthanded' pp set with dumont flipping over to the left corner and arnott handling the puck on the left halfboard, with legwand in the low slot.

one thing we're trying to do with these two new looks on the left side, is that legwand starts in the mid slot, but then drives the net, trying to draw the box to him, trying to create a lane for zidlicky to sneak down the right side backdoor. arnott is really looking for this pass almost everytime the puck is going to him in this quick set. hasn't worked yet (the backdoor to zidlicky), but it's going to soon.

i like the ability and desire to swap which halfboard you set up the play on. gives the penalty kill so much more to think about. plus, most pk's use their more mobile forwards and defensemen on the leftside of their box, because 90% of all teams run off the right halfboard if they use an overload pp system. this normally means most teams have their biggest, slowest defenseman playing the right defenseman position on the pk, and he's not usually a guy that feels as comfortable out chasing the puck. and it in turn usually puts the more mobile, but smaller defenseman guarding the fornt of the net. having these smaller guys trying to clear might be why legwand seems to have been able to stay in front of the net better in this little new add on.

just something i've noticed us doing a little different, something to look for.

Now you know that we'll all be too busy yelling shoot to look for all that.

It is at least good to see them making adjustments to try to better the PP because it's been awful for a Looooong time.

Oh, and I finally registered over here, thought I'd bring the relative Hockey IQ down on both boards.

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