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02-29-2008, 11:07 PM
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Originally Posted by marcel snapshot View Post
A ton of good advice and input here -- all very much appreciated.

Key takeaways seem to be (i) hit to make a hockey play (i.e., move the player off the puck) rather than to "send a message" (more likely, especially at the PW age, to just throw player off balance and out of position) and (ii) keep feet moving when receiving a hit (instead of freezing up in anticipation of impact.

Any additional advice that is specific to smaller players.

Again thanks for all the thoughtful posts here.
Protect the tailbone!!

I played as a small, light guy so I was on the receiving end of alot of open ice checks that sent me on my ass. It was a problem area for me. I developed a growth on the tailbone, a bone chip maybe, that I attribute to those hits.

Though I believe this applies to the player in high school where impacts are harder, faster, more frequent.

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