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04-26-2004, 02:16 PM
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I covered the draft this weekend

This is what's Fact vs fiction:

The reason the Giants didn't trade down is becuase the Browns or Skins (That's right..the Skins) would have drafted Rivers and made the same deal instead. We all knew it as soon as Gallery was picked. SD made it kown that they really wanted Rivers and Eli was the #1 guy on all three boards. The Skins were trying to trade up to # 1 to get were the Browns. All this talk about them trading up up to get Gallery was a smoke screen. The Giants has Eli as the highest rated QB in years. He graded out better than Palmer, Carr, Big Ben, etc..

The Giants loved Snee. In fact, they thought he'd be gone and were surprsied when he was still there. A few people told me that they thought Snee will be a probowler within two years. He's one tough SOB.

The Giants also picked some Great value late. Taylor, the WR drafted in the 6th has rated as a 2nd rounder but hurt his knee. They think his knee is find and they think they got a steal. Fianlly, Torbor and Hamilton (4th and 7th) are perfect OLB in a 3-4. I think they'll run the 3-4 at times this year.

As some of you know, my job is research. So this is a busy time for me becuase I work on the NHL playoffs, then the NFL draft, then back to the NHL draft.

I'll post on the Rangers in a few days. VERY quiet but we're heard the Rangers are scouting and very high on Malkin and Olez.

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