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04-26-2004, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Potter
SOTI what i really wanna know is were the giants at all considering not taking manning or were they going to do anything to get their man? did they giants ever consider trading down for dangelo hall (who is an AMAZING punt returner, ive seen ever Va Tech game since Vick's freshman year) or taking sean taylor. i dont know how they feel about their secondary but IMO other than williams they are all mediocre at best. not clutch at all and very injury prone (especially peterson, the only one with #1 potential). and with the extra picks i figure attack the line (tackle in particular) and middle linebacker. then, use an extra pick to take a shcuab or navarre to work under collins for a couple years and push palmer a little bit (or out the door). im babbling, my bad.

as far as the redskins thing (especially for those of you who are skeptical of the legitimacy of it), i totally believe that and it wouldn't have surprised me in the least. this offseason, synder proved he doesnt care at all about the salary cap and basically put himself in a position where they might have trouble fielding a full team in 3 years. the signings this offseason are ridiculous and seem incredibly overpriced. the redskins and logic in the same breath is like fox reality TV and self-respect. doesn't surprise me at all and to be honest i wish we would have let them do it. take sean taylor/d'hall with the browns pick and let the redskins shoot themselves in the foot. now their defense doesnt look too bad with lavar and taylor out there head hunting. i know, as a guy who has played qb, i wouldn't want to play against them.
I spoke to a few people on Saterday morning who told me that the Giants told Ben R that he was their pick. They were sure SD would take Manning and keep him. Hall was never an option.

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