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04-26-2004, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by KING ELVI
Everyone is have made valid points in all their takes, one reason for starting this discussion was to be able to talk about our organization, what we have, what we need, what we'd change, and what we'd keep the same. I would like to trade some of our vets the way SJ and Cal did. We may be able to pick up a Dumont, Hartnell, Hall, Gautheir(sp), goalie(put your favorite choice here), and then add a few key vets that fill voids that our team has. Do we have interesting prospects? Absolutely (Push, Boyle, Karlsson) we don't really know how good these kids can be. That's interesting. Grebs and Gleason(whom Ott developed ) can be difference makers on the blue line along with Petiot. Our offense is less known and is a question mark imo. Hopefully it all pans out and we'll be drinking from the cup, but I think we need to add some players that are system just doesn't have. Every team is the same way, but I hope DT and crew take the next step and do some brave moves that can put us over the top.

I agree with you in that our system as it stands today isn't enough or doesn't have enough in it to take us to a cup.

But, I also would say that at this point it isn't supposed to. KJ said it pretty well. Allison and Deader killed us. That is to say that if those two are in so many things are possible that we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now. That said, I don't feel that our prospect system is a mess at all and is one of the best in the league.

I have started a couple threads regarding the players in our system and those who responded with any integrity as to the what the parameters of the threads were about one thing can be said, of the many players in our system a better than average percentage of them should see ice time in the NHL and that is a great thing.

One thing to consider when talking about Ally and Deader not being injured though is what our system would still look like. On the Kings is another thing entirely but, in the system, I see a couple of weaknesses and so did allot of the people who responded to the prospect threads I put up.

We have no potentially "Elite" prospect centers in the system. We have no "Elite" prospect goalies in the system.

We have Boyle, who right well could be the most amazing center of his kind to ever play the game but that would be a truely amazing accomplishment. He is more likely to be a big top six scoring forward then a franchise center. With him, who knows what will happen. Other than him though, we have no centers who look like they will be the kind of player that you build your team around.

We have Zaba and Munce who both have had solid enough draft seasons in net but, neither are close at this point to being NHL ready. Every year players like them are drafted in nets. You just won't know for awhile longer what will come of them.

I did a mock draft and with Schwarz possibly available for the 11th pick I had him or even Montoya going to us. I have since changed my mind. Why, Two reasons.

The first is that we have never once in the history of our team come close to developing a great goalie and I see nothing in place at this time that makes me feel we are capable of doing so. I would hate for us to draft a player that is so highly thought of in nets that we rush him into the NHL and ruin him, as we may have done in the past with Stauber etc.

Another reason is that if you look around, of the teams in the playoffs that are doing well some have been able to find their goalies as needed.

The Wings/Fliers/Flames etc all have goalies they didn't develope. I think that it is possible to do that and we stand a better chance of taking a goalie from a team like Buffalo or Montreal or any team that has more goalies then spots for them and have a great track record at developing them.

We do a right smart job at developing talent and will start seeing that next season or should anyways. We need a top notch center and that is our most pressing need in my books. We need one in the system desperately. If we had one, when Allison went down we could at least have given him some time in the spot to develope his game.

Thats what I think.

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