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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
Great research seventieslord.

Watson and Maxwell were on my list. But I passed on Gardner as one of those builder/player picks, important in creating the Montreal Canadiens as a franchise and as a name, even coaching it afterwards. Though he did captain the team in 1913-15 and won the Stanley Cup four years before that, during the 1900-1910 first decade of the century.

I came across Tom Hooper during the ATD but forgot all about him during the ML and AAA drafts. The hero of the upstart Kenora Thistles who challenged the Silver Seven for the Stanley Cup and took it away from the Montreal Wanderers. He then joined the Wanderers for three of their cup defenses in 1908. I didn't draft him because he seemed more remembered as a representative of the little Kenora team David vs .Goliath storyline, and the fact that he had under two years experience outside of that small town.

George Richardson was a WWI war hero (read: died in combat) and so that boosted his worth in the eyes of the HHOF committee it seems, remembered as a hero "in sport and war". Three-time university champion, he was "a clean, gentlemanly player, a fine stickhandler, and prolific scorer" on left wing (NOT defense) and kuddos to him for impressive goal totals in matches against the McGill Redmen and Ottawa Silver Seven. A three-year OHA champion as well, the star of Kingston for sure.

Frank Rankin played amateur hockey for the St. Michael's Majors, twice making the Allan Cup finals but never winning the cup. He is remembered for scoring 20 goals in 5 games, and for later coaching the 1924 Olympic gold medal team. dunno what to make of him.

I had no idea about Shorty Green, the first to ever score a goal in Madison Square Gardens! as captain of the Hamilton Tigers club that became the New York Americans, won the 1919 Allan Cup, known as "small, tough, and aggressive" and lookin' like Daniel Day Lewis:

I also am happy to here learn about Frederick Whitcroft, two-time top scorer of the Alberta pro league as an Edmonton Eskimo, he was renowned for his talent, getting very good money contracts to play short term for Kenora and Renfrew. He "possessed a solid, compact frame that would have better suited a defenseman, but he also possessed great speed, on-ice agility, and a gift for nifty stickhandling-- the tools of a prolific scorer. As a result, Whitcroft often played the middle ice positions of cover point and rover." A star of his era but not a guy who transcended the game of his time, with limits in his perfomances and a lack of gaudy play of some other HHOFers of his era. After he retired he was president of amateur hockey in Vancouver.
Thanks for the extra info! Sounds like there is enough "reasonable doubt" on these guys' greatness to put their MLD suitability into question. That said, I am still quite surprised that as we moved towards the end of the draft, that more people didn't take a flyer on these guys. The fact that they are in the HHOF makes them very easy to find, and easy to justify. Heck, if I could go back, I'd have taken a flyer on a couple of these guys over someone like Rick Nash in the ATD, or over more exotic AAA picks that I was proud to make, like Thornson or Ruzicka.

So, from the sounds of things, these names have been researched by the GMs before and some have been dubbed players with little proven greatness at actually playing hockey and more notoreity due to other factors, and the others that did exhibit some greatness maybe just didn't do so enough. Fair assessment?

I really like the idea of this thread, and previously I went back and read the ATD7 version of this thread just to make sure all the right names were on my radar. I have an idea: to ensure quality and keep the "eliteness" of the list in the top post intact, we merely "nominate" players and someone else has to "second" the nomination for it to be valid. So if I was the only one who thought Raimo Helminen was more than just a scrub, his name would not go up there. Wouldn't be hard to do, and over half the names mentioned so far have been seconded.

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