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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
While I still don't know much about the RSL or why it's so hard to score, I will state that Ovechkin never scored more than 13 goals in a season while playing in the RSL
First of all there is the assist aspect. Like everyone remember Gomez goal against Atlanta. A Atlanta player shot a slap shot on Shanny, the puck bounced to Gomez who scored. Fedor Tyutin got a assist on that goal. In europe thats probably zero assist on that play.

In Europe you don't get 2 assist after a rebound nor a give and go. If a defending player just touches the puck there is often not a single assist given out. The reffs give out the assists they see. Its not looked at on tv afterwards. So if the reffs didn't see any pass leading to a goal -- there are no assists given out. If they see a pass, but didn't see who it was, they often asks the players though. So Chere probably would have had like 10 more assists if the NA system was used. 10 assists is a number I pulled out of thin air, could be 3 or 15 just as well. Really hard to speculate on.

Second, the Russian league is a really tough place to have individual success in. I do think the RSL is the best in Europe -- but by a pretty small margin. But its without any doubt the hardest place to have success in as a player. There is allot of money in the RSL, and there have been several several of the best career AHLers for example who have had big contracts in Russia but who have been sacked after about a month for not producing at all. The same applys to several Swedes and finns, and russians too.

First of all, its a very individual league. There is allot of rushing the puck type of offense. There is room for that. There is allot of 1 on 1's. A defense got his winger and very little support. A winger got 1 D that he goes up against. The results are often pretty interesting though; its not the most individually skilled players who got the most success. Its often thoose who can break away from the individual game, and use their linemates, who got success. In the NHL/AHL their is allot more "caos" on the ice. Its allot easier to get real use of your speed and raw skills in NA. That natrually fits the older vets allot more then it fits the young and hungry players. Even in the NHL, AO scores very very few goals after beating a D 1 on 1 clean. Most of his goals comes after there is a flurry and AO just steps into the puck and drives it home. In Russia there are less flurrys.

Its basically like this in all of europe. Especially in the RSL and SEL. There are very few 19-20 y/o's who put up solid numbers. There are allot more old broken down vets who scores allot more then in NA.

Outside the ice conditions are very testing too. You basically travel from western europe to the chinese border. I recon that all teams don't got luxjets either. Players are forced to sleep at team complexes (often old military buildings) the day before every game. They see their family less then 10 days a month.

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