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03-03-2008, 02:35 AM
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Originally Posted by droller View Post
i would also consider getting contacts if you plan on playing hockey on a regular basis. last thing you wanna do is break your glasses... don't they fog up a bit too? more comfortable while wearing a helmet too!
In my experience, sweat in the eyes + contacts = HOLY CRAP OW. But I'd never play without them

Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
I don't know if they make it for players helmets, but for goalies there is this stuff called maltese gel that I got for my lid- its basically gel inserts that replace the foam in your helmet. 2 good things- 1. You can stick it in the freezer before you play and it helps keep you cool for a while- and 2. I don't need a sweatband anymore because the gel actually directs the sweat away from my eyes and down the side of my face. Really good stuff.
As a goalie I'd like some more info on that...

And advice to the OP, really all I can say is if you're using a full face cage, just swing the cage forward on the bench and wipe your face down. Something you have to learn to deal with, I guess *shrug*

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