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04-27-2004, 08:16 AM
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With that line of thinking

Originally Posted by RangerBoy
If the Rangers use all 6 or 7 picks in the first two rounds,I will be disappointed.

The Rangers should be aggressive in making deals.

They should use #26 and the two high 2nd round picks(#36 and #37)to move up in the first round or use the a couple of 2nd's to pick up another 1st round pick

They would still have 2 or 3 remaining 2nd round picks

Sitting back and just letting the draft come to you is foolish

Moving up to get a higher ranked player by using the excess picks is the way to go

The Rangers need impact players and not just be satisfied with collecting depth
There's also the real possibility of that 1st rounder you take and turning out to be a bust.

I think it's a bit safer right now to provide yourself with a group of players that will increase the odds that 1 or 2 players from that depth comes out to be more than what they were projected to be. Additionally, I also don't think that this is the draft that you want to give up assets for unless of course the 1st overall pick is available. While it's not as bad as most make it out to be, there's a limited pool of top end talent and the folks that have the picks in those spots would be looking to be ovepaid to relinquish them.

We have the 6th overall pick the 24th and 4 2nd rounders. We can't afford to go after the Jessiman's of the draft, and we can't afford to squander picks in the hopes that the player we do select pans out. There's just no safety net there and unfortunatelty we don't have the luxury of having the prospect pool to protect ourselves. What we do need are more players that can provide a system that can churn out NHL ready players.

The Devils have drafted late in the first round for a while now and over the last 10 years didn't even have a few 1st at all, but they have been able to stock their system with players not taken in the 1st round and those players have been able to make an impact.

It's time to dink and dunk'em and play small-ball rather than go for the home-run and wind up swinging and missing.

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