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04-27-2004, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
And allow me to say this as a Redskin fan, living in the Tri-State area. You friggin' Giant fans absolutely amaze me. All I hear from some of you is "Why can't we be the ones to draft a franchise QB?" And now you do and people are complaining? These are the same people who cry for a franchise QB, but when handed the keys to the ferrari, opt for a stationwagon. ALL QB's taken in the first round are chaces. Much as those who passed on Akili Smith are gloating, those who passed on Donavan McNabb or Daute Culpeper are lamenting. You can't go to the Colts and say, "Ok. Now you convinced us that Peyton Manning is good. We'll take him". Things don't work that way.
You draft a franchise QB and don't look back. Granted, I do believe that if I was the Giants, I would allow Eli to sit on the bench for a year or 2. Wether or not that meant sticking w/ Collins or signing someone like Blake. But to complain after you've been handed a franshise QB after not having one since, when?......When was the last time the Giants has a QB with the potential that Manning has?

I actually agree with you. As a season ticket holder, I have not forgotten Dave Brown, Tommy Maddox, Danny Kannell, or Kent Graham. I also have not forgotten Phil Simms.

We can all lament not getting Gallery but we weren't getting him anyway. The Chargers did not want the Raiders getting Manning and there were other teams willing to trade up for Manning.

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