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03-03-2008, 02:18 PM
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Some good suggestions already, so I'll just say this --

When your body overheats it's probably your head that will sweat the most so make sure you keep the rest of your body as cool as possible. Take stock of your gear -- chest pad, shin pads, socks, etc -- and identify anything that's not well vented and see about replacing it. For example the Reebok 6K helmet you wear is much better for keeping your head cool than a standard Bauer helmet. Wear your chest protecter a little looser, wear thinner socks, anything that gets more air circulating will help cool your body will reduce the sweat level.

The league I play in doesn't allow players to remove their helmets, even on the bench, while the game is in play -- too much risk in getting hit by a puck. Between periods I always take my helmet off and you wouldn't believe the amount of steam that rises off my head.

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