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04-27-2004, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Slewfoot
As a season ticket holder did you think the Giants should target a QB in this years draft ? If so , there were 2 other QB's available to be taken at #4. Even if they 'had' to have Manning , why did they have to take SD off the hook by giving up what they did? Manning was not going to play for SD. The consensus seemed to be that there wasn't much difference between the top 3 QB's in the draft. They could have still drafted Rivers and if they couldn't get the 'price' down for Manning , they could have kept Rivers. Even if they still cut Collins , at least they would have kept their #1 for next year. By giving them a #1 next year and cutting Collins , aren't they probably going to get a top 10 pick from the Giants next year ?
This is riduculous. I cannot believe that as a Redskin fan, I find myself defending the Giants moves. Yes, they should have targeted a QB THIS year. Next year's QB corp is not nearly at the same level as any of the 4 QB's that were taken in the first round. You cannot say that Manning was not going to play in SD. How do you know? When $$$ speaks, things change. I'm sure that sitting out a year and wasting a year of development was not what Eli or his father had in mind. How could you NOT take a chance on such a kid? Eli is coming out of college more prepared for the NFL that any other QB has been in recent years. And that includes his brother. You don't think that Eli got a good education from Peyton about the NFL? Eli's maturity and ability to run a pro offense cannot be discounted. Anyone that is pining for Rivers ahead of Manning has just not been paying attention. Ok, Rivers is more mobile. Woo-hoo. Would anyone consider Peyton as a slow of foot QB? Eli's mobility is much the same way. Just becuase he does not look to scramble first, does not make him Drew Bledsoe slow.
So what that Manning cost them a #1 next year? Isn't a franchise QB worth a 1st round pick? There has been one Trent Dilfer. You do not win championships with the Dilfer's of the world unless you have what is arguably the best defense in history (which they did) and a premier RB (which they had in Lewis).
I cannot understand the desire to have Rivers and a 1st rounder for next year instead of Manning. The ONLY argument I could understand is if the Giants had picked Rothesberger at #4. But, IMO, Manning is better than both of them and more prepared for the NFL.
Again, I just cannot understand Giant fans who complain about not having a chance at a franchise QB and then get one and complain about it.

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