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04-27-2004, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Slewfoot
As a season ticket holder did you think the Giants should target a QB in this years draft ? If so , there were 2 other QB's available to be taken at #4. Even if they 'had' to have Manning , why did they have to take SD off the hook by giving up what they did? Manning was not going to play for SD. The consensus seemed to be that there wasn't much difference between the top 3 QB's in the draft. They could have still drafted Rivers and if they couldn't get the 'price' down for Manning , they could have kept Rivers. Even if they still cut Collins , at least they would have kept their #1 for next year. By giving them a #1 next year and cutting Collins , aren't they probably going to get a top 10 pick from the Giants next year ?
Do I think they should have targeted a QB? It is certainly one of their needs. They have other needs but QB is certainly one of them. I would have loved Gallery but they weren't getting him.

To the point that there were two other QBS available, you have to accept the fact that Accorsi and co had Manning rated well above the other two. And if that is the case, you get your man. It sounds to me like the Giants never wanted Rivers. In that case, you don't draft him in hopes of making a deal (you're leverage is even worse then). You have the deal in place when you draft him.

Do I like giving up a #1 that could be good pick? Of course not but the Giants made a very un-Giants move and made a bold play for the guy they wanted. I tend to go with Accorsi. The players he has traded up to get have been good (Shockey, Allen). If he loves this guy this much, you make the play and get him.

And, like Davisian, said, the Giants are better than their record indicates. This is not a true rebuilding team. They are team that underachieved last year and will be playing a last place schedule.

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