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04-27-2004, 11:54 AM
Burberry Manning
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Originally Posted by True Blue
It's so tough for me to defend the Giants. No support for Manning? Toomer, Hilliard, those names ring a bell? Seems to me that there is no lack of targets for Eli. And how about Barber? Fumbler or not, he IS a pretty good reciever coming out of the backfield. All the Giants have to do is to make sure their O line holds.
Yep. You have Toomer and Hilliard as very solid recievers, then Shockey as possibly the best TE in the game, and the ever dangerous Tiki in the backfield. It wouldnt suprise me if Jamaar Taylor had a big impact at reciever next season either, he should be one to watch. You also have to believe that the O-line will be much improved with another year of experience given to Diehl, Lucier, and the ever steady Petigout. Then you add in the FA pickups from the Browns and the immense talent upgrade from Snee, and you have the basis for a very solid offensive line.

Defensively we should be solid. Allen and Peterson are VERY good when they both play, unfortunately that has not been the case too often, but this year could be differant. Gibril Wilson might have been Tennessee's best defensive player last season at Safety so adding him to the mix might be interesting. We'll see if William Joseph can use his athletisism and strength to his advantage this year and develop into the force the Giants think he can be. Giving him Norman Hand to pair with should also help him. Osi is a player that the Giant's brass is very high on and having Strahan on the other side will take alot of pressure off of him. Then you have to figure Reggie Torbor will be given a shot at OLB, so that should add an influx of talent there as well.

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