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04-27-2004, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Yep. You have Toomer and Hilliard as very solid recievers, then Shockey as possibly the best TE in the game, and the ever dangerous Tiki in the backfield. It wouldnt suprise me if Jamaar Taylor had a big impact at reciever next season either, he should be one to watch. You also have to believe that the O-line will be much improved with another year of experience given to Diehl, Lucier, and the ever steady Petigout. Then you add in the FA pickups from the Browns and the immense talent upgrade from Snee, and you have the basis for a very solid offensive line.
Let's not get out of hand here. Manning is NOT the best young QB to ever enter the league. Yes, Toomer and Hilliard are solid, but neither can be termed outstanding. Toomer does not strike fear into any secondary. And before you annoit Shockey as the best TE in football, how about he learn how to catch the ball? He drops more passes than any other purported big time player. He drops touchdowns and he drops 1st downs ALL the time. He is not Tony Gonzalez. And newsflash here, Winslow is going to be better as well. He will quite probably outproduce Shockey this year. If Taylor develops, he MAY be a nice 3rd/4th reciever, but that is a stretch.
The Giants O line is the biggest question mark, and that is not a good thing in the NFC East that will feature a Parcells coached 'Boys, a the Eagles, & a Gibbs coached Redskins. If the Giants do not fixt their offensive line issues, you are not looking at much of a season.
BTW, calling Wilson Tennese's best defensive player is about as much as a reach as calling Kenny Holmes the Giants best defensive player last year.

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