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04-27-2004, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Janerixon
money is not going to be that much of an issue to the new york rangers
we currently have 3 players locked up in expensive long term deals in jagr, holik and kasper
besides that only dunham and poti have deals and both players may not be here next year
we are not going to go ufa crazy, maybe one major ufa will be added in a frontloaded contract

there are teams like the wings, flyers, and leafs who have expensive vets locked up to long term deals and a cap would hurt them more than us, but there is no way a hard cap will be installed, it will be grandfathered in and most likely there will be a 1-2 player exception rule for the first 2 years followed by luxury taxes or other fines for being over the cap, regardless it wont have an effect on the rangers

if we have 1-2 exception players thats jagr and holik, that leaves kasper with his 4.2 million contract, poti with his 3.1 million, and dunham with his 3.6 million... not too bad and its defintely low enough with a rebuilding team to where we can afford to buy out dunham at 2.4 million

even if they dont do an exception rule for the first 2 years, if we have to pay a luxury tax, im pretty sure cablevision can handle it since we will not have a 70 million payroll this year, it shouldn't be more than 40-45 million tops, we currently have 30.75 with those 5 players, even if it is 45 mil the luxury tax with the salaries will not exceed 70 mil thats for sure
Again, is it really worth 3.9M to not have Dunham on the team next season? I don't think it makes sense. What goalie is going to come in and be better than Dunham? It is the same dilemma that Sather faced when he was considering getting a goalie during the season. Why is it so important to get Dunham off this team? I'm no Dunham fan but I don't see why bringing him back to let him finish out his contract is so horrible a thought.

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