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04-27-2004, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Felix
Iíve been pondering over a possible trade between Ottawa and St Louis recently a lot because of the clear need of shake-up for both teams. Both teams have players they want to get rid off.

So, Ottawa definitely needs toughness upfront and to fill left wing spot. Tkachuk, in my opinion, would be a perfect fit for them. But for what price? Trying to be realists letís assume that Sens would not trade any of their talented young players (Alfredsson, Havlat, Hossa, Spezza) although any could go for right price.
Ottawa has players that did not live up to expectations:
1. Bondra Ė a prolific aging scorer who did not score a single goal in playoffs and never seemed to fit their system. Has an option at 4.5 mil. for next year. There are some concerns as to his ability to put up the same numbers he did earlier in his carrear.
2. Bonk Ė he is only 28 or so but due to his lackluster performance this year and his 3.5 mil a year he is actually of little value to other teams (I doubt he is worth more than a 4-5 rounder being traded alone).

Those two players make in total 8 mil a year. Iíd like Sens to throw Prusek (who has potential to be a starter and could part time in net with Divis) in the mix and the deal could be rather fair from both points of view:
1. Sens undertake just around 1.5 mil as a result of this trade; Get an elite powerforward.
2. Blues get sniper who has potential to score 20-30 goals I believe whose contract is nicely positioned for CBA and expires after this season. Besides, Bondra could also be dealt to a contender at the trade deadline next season.
3. Blues get Prusek who in opinion of PB (If Iím not mistaken) could be our G for the years to come and therefore Blues could save 3-4 mil by letting Ozzy go.
4. Bondra and Bonk provide more scoring depth than KT alone.
5. AS a result of this trade Blues save in total around 5 mil (1.5 mil directly from trade and 3.5 mil by letting Ozzy go).
Payroll could also be decreased during the season by dumping separately Bonk and Bondra.

Demitra in my opinion (as it also was discussed a lot at this board) could be a very nice fit for Sabres. They need to make playoffs and desperately need more scoring upfront during regular season tan they get from Drury and Satan. There were a lot of talks about Satan being the most real possibility to be traded. But I think that Drury could also be traded. Demitra is able to produce bigger numbers for Sabres during regular season than any of either Satan or Drury.
Therefore Demitra (6.5 mil) for Satan (4.5 mil) / Drury (3.5 mil) and a pick or a 3-4 line/5-6 D roster player (or even a swap of this year 1 round picks) makes sense for both teams.

Of course there could be some variations. For example, acquiring Noronen for Demitra, adding another player in package with Tkachuk and maybe even getting HavlatÖ who knows.

Any thoughts?
Demitra is able to produce bigger numbers for Sabres during regular season than any of either Satan or Drury.
I doubt that the Sabres would be interested in giving us Satan AND Drury for Demitra. They didn't want to pay Satan the contract he signed at the beginning of this season (2 Year, $10 Million) why would they wish to pick up Demitra and have to pay him more?

Also, if we trade Walt, Mellanby retires and Drake decides that he wants to play elsewhere next year, our team gets seriously small and loses alot of grit.

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