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03-04-2008, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
How good Asplöven is nobody in Örebro knows. What we do know is that they won Allettan Norra without any problems, but Alletttan Norra suffers from having fewer teams and usually a bigger gap between the top and the bottom, which makes me feel more comfortable with their record.
i just realized that i didn't follow the other allettans. shame on me.

According to Mats Tjernström, who covers Div1 for, Troja is by far the best Div 1 team right now, and although Örebro has lost big to them twice, it always felt as if they could have won "if only..."

In other words, I like Örebro's chances against Asplöven.
good chances mean they fail again?

but it sounds good. so i can be relaxed for the moment. no need to be nervous yet.

troja is indeed a great team. adding ron pasco was amazing. he's a guy every teams needs. he's a great character and it was always nice to talk to him. smart and funny. he can lead a team and he gives everything on and off the ice. he would kill himself just to succeed.

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