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10-01-2007, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
This is ridiculous to say the least, and actually I'm not talking about this incident in specific though it demonstrates the problem.

We live in the 21st freakin' century, and we have evolved in every aspect of society, including hockey, better gear, better equipment, rules up the wazoo to protect officials and players, and so on... but the rink, the venue itself, is sorely missing in upgrades, and/or established standards to save players from injuries that aren't necessary.

Surely the locking mechanisms on the doors have improved to make sure that INJURIES LIKE THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, and those locks aren't expensive to install and therefore should be made a standard in a league like the SEL.

The question is, why have doors to the benches in the boards at all? Really? Don't tell me that if the door disappeard nobody could play hockey anymore? I have no problem with the doors to the sinbins, as there is an arena offical responsible for opening and closing the door. There is accountability options there, but what are you going to do when a star player go down becasue someone on the opposite team was day dreaming? Suspend the back-up keeper? Fine the team? None of those options would bring back the injured player any sooner.

Good thing this wasn't more serious than it was. It sure would have been a bummer and tons of BS in the press if he had gone face first into those boards, but I guess there is no need to address an issue until someone really gets hurt badly.
Can't help thinking about Magnus Arvidson, when he got a punctured stomach because of an open bench door.

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