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04-27-2004, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Yea, and I think Shockey knows how to catch a football, I mean the guy did get drafted into the NFL and I think that catching a ball had something to do with it.
You also may have not remembered him catching 10 more passes for about 100 more yards than your boy Tony his rookie year. How was Gonzalez' rookie year?? Ohhhh right, he didnt start a game.
Maybe you also thought that Antonio Bryant was too slow to be anything more than a 3rd reciever also.
1. Sure he knows how to catch them. He just doesn't do so. He also drops balls in critical times. Remember the playoff game against SF? Shockey is good. But he has yet to put up the numbers that Gonzalez has. And, at least so far, he's shown that he chokes when there is pressure to make the big catch .
2. What does the amount of passes that he caught in one game against Gonzalez has to do with everything? And what does not starting when you were a rookie have to do with anything? Or are you insinuating that merely being a starter as a rookie automaticaly makes you better than a player that hasn't?
3. Actually I thought that Bryant is going to be a great reciever. Still do.

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