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03-05-2008, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by fullmetal2405 View Post
In my experience, sweat in the eyes + contacts = HOLY CRAP OW. But I'd never play without them

As a goalie I'd like some more info on that...
The maltese gel is a system of "dots" forehead and back plate pieces that can be placed onto any existing foam. It can also replace foams with a bit of tweaking. Foams are much thicker than the 1/8" gel pack. This is NOT the gel you see sold for shoe insoles and such. The one draw back is that a mask that has had its foam removed/replaced with gel is no longer certified.

The SPS system can also be removed and installed in another mask. Its not like you have to buy another set with each new mask or helmet. I have had mine installed in my mask (no foam) since 2003 and my youngest son has had his since 2004. I have never had a problem other than with the chin piece. The film cover broke open but Phil (owner of maltese hockey) replaced it, no problem.

Placing the gel into a mask that you selected for fit with the foam interior can be a bit tricky when you remove the foam. Some pieces of foam may be needed to cut into a "riser" to get that perfect fit. The end result is a mask that does not RING from puck impact, does not allow sweat into the eyes, moves the face forward for greater lines of sight...and of course, the absolute best protection you can get.

My youngest sons team mate/fellow goalie used to like to do this head-butt thing with other goalies. I say used to because he will not do it anymore. At least, not with my son. He went to give Gator a head butt and gator brought his head into the move too. Dang near knocked himself out while my son was unfazed. With the gel you just do not feel much impact regardless of it being a puck, stick, skate whatever......

drop maltese a line ([email protected]) and talk with him. He will give you the straight up on the product. He will also like to learn a bit more about you. If he feels that the gel will not suit you or your mask, for whatever reason, he will NOT sell you the product. His main goal is safety of the players and goalies. Sales come second...

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