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03-06-2008, 12:17 PM
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Well, I splurged on the under armour skull cap and gave it a try last night (I got the green colour to match my eyes), and it worked out quite well. Wasn't exactly a perfect fit as I have a bit of an egg shaped head, but I increased the size on my helmet and didn't notice it throughout the game. Also didn't have any sweat dripping down my face, it was nice having clean glasses after the game.

The no hair gel thing was also a good suggestion. I like to have my best Icy Hot Stuntaz look before the game, so I've always gelled my hair. Really though, I gel my hair in the morning, so there's likely some left in the evening, which I wasn't rinsing out. My worst experience I can recall now was an afternoon shinny game on the weekend, where likely I gelled my hair just a few hours before game time in my usual morning ritual. That really stung the eyes.

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