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04-28-2004, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Your argument consisted of chastizing Shockey for subpar recieving skills, and then arguing that Tony G is a the best TE in football. I am rebutting your argument by pointing out that Shockey was FAR ahead of Gonzalez in terms of development after their first year. Shockey posted 74 catches with almost 900 yards as a rookie while Tony didn't even start a game for the Cheifs. More recently Shockey outplayed a veteran Gonzalez in the aerial attack during his rookie campaign a couple years ago. Look up the numbers and you will see that Shock's season statistics dominated those of Gonzalez during that 2002 season.
So you rebut by saying that Shockey is better simply becuase he put up better numbers head-to-head in one game? How does that prove ANYTHING? As for terms of development when they were rookies, your argument is nonsense. Just becuase Gonzalez did not start and Shockey did means nothing. All that means is that Gonzalez was learning the NFL game and Marty Shotenhiemer (then the coach of KC) prefers to use vets and the Chiefs had one. Fassel choose to throw Shockey right into the fire. Different coaches, different philosophies. Nothing to do with who has more talent.
As for the 2002 season, you claim that Shockey dominated Gonzalez? Are you smoking crack? First of all, TG was hurt most of that year. Second of all, for all this talk of domination, Shockey had 9 more catches and 121 more yards than a hurt Gonzalez. That's domination? Funny how you fail to mention that in this year of domination, a hurt Tony Gonzalez still managed to score 7 touchdowns, while Shockey had his usual 2. In any of his seasons of play, the fact that Shockey has more drops than TD's is pretty appaling for an "elite" players.

"As for your second point, lambasting Jeremy for poor recieving skills would just be insane at this point in his career. Every reciever has dropped passes, and if you are going to judge and dismiss a player from one dropped touchdown or one poor performance than you are going to isolate yourself very quickly, bye bye Chad Johnson, Charles Rogers, Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, ect. "

Yes, simply dropping passes is done by anyone who catches the ball. But there is a difference between dropping any pass and dropping a pass in a situation that demands a catch. Santana Moss has yet to prove anything. He is FAR from an elite reciever. A good 8 games does not make him suddenly Terrel Owens. TO does drop passes, that's why he is not a GREAT reciever. Regular season play is one thing. To catch the ball when it counts is a far differnt story. Yes, TO is fantastic, but you have to actually hang on to the ball in pressure situations if you want to seem as anything more than a braggart. Chad Johnson hangs on to the ball in the clutch. And Charley Rodgers played all of 5 games this past year. Hardly the one to use as a comparison.

"The fact is that for every drop that Jeremy accumulated over the course of his short career, he has also made near-impossible receptions with defenders draped over him, or illegally interfering with him. "

You're still ignoring the obvious. Shockey drops the ball when the team needs him the most. He has yet to step up to the plate. That playoff game in SF, he was WIDE OPEN and dropped the ball. If you are a Giants fan, you cannot tell me that you failed to notice numerous drops in the end-zone last year. How many times did the team need a first down, down the stretch, and Shockey dropped the ball?
Yes, Shockey is a great talent. However, for all of his brashness and big mouth, he has yet to step it up in the clutch. When the pressure is on, he wilts. These are the facts and they are indisputable. One day he may change that presception, but as for now, he is not Gonzalez and nor is he the top TE in football. Nor is he the great player he thinks he is. No one that drops that many passes is.

"Remember his nice little "jump ball" catch over Dawkins (not sure if it was Dawkins or Taylor) that put the G-Men in the playoffs in 2002? Yea, that was nice"

Yes, that was certainly a nice play. However, the very next week he dropped the would-be winning touchdown in the endzone when he was so alone, he could have spread a blanket and had tea.

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