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03-06-2008, 05:45 PM
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Pesonally, I like the to slash the ankle with the back edge of the heel. I prefer to get the outside of the ankle rather than the inside. Depending on where the guy is camped you can turn and really get some power into the slash while it looks like your just "leading" with your stick. It hurts them a lot more than any slash to the inside of the ankle. Mind you USE THE EDGE of the stick, not the flat! He wont be skating full power the rest of the game. Get a good enough slash in and he wont be putting skates back on for a few days....

I am not a fan of going for a knee, back side or other wise. Thats just plain dirty and as a goalie turn about being fair play, your at more risk.

Dude, you wear a full cage. Getting caged should be no biggie. Its an easy save and for me it tends to put me right into the "zone". I ask my guys to lift their shots in warm ups so I can get a few in the cage right off the bat!

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