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03-06-2008, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by PIMking View Post
As being a foward and usally camping out in front of a crease the things that get my attention is a slash in the knees. But not hard enough to hurt the guy but enough to say "hey a hole get out of here" Another thing next time they come to skate in front of you step up in your crease jab at there skate with your stick and trip him.

Sometimes you will have to take a pen but they wont do it agian I promise I have had it happen to me plenty of times.

I use to take the beatings then when the D men takes the shot I use to tap the goalies skate with my stick to get em off balance that does the trick and usally I dont get caught.

But last night in my A league game a guy buzzed my goalie and slapped at his glove when the puck was in the air. So me being not scared to get rough stuff going cross checked the guy in the ribs hard and started a huge fight. I was booted got a 5 min for cross checking and 5 for fighting a 10 min misconduct and a game so 30 mins in pens right there but needless to say they didnt come near the goalie the rest of the game.

You should have you defensemen take a couple of pens just to let these guys its not okay to touch you. I will always protect my goalie even if my goalie started it and I feel bad for whom ever would go near him.

Thats one thing a goalie should always do is tell your defenseman that someone is in your "area" and you want his ass taken out. i had a coach in juniors tell me over and over again he steps one foot in that crease or bothers the netminder you take him out but i usally just gave numerous cross checks in his back.

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