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04-28-2004, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Oh for friggin' cryin' out loud. I was NOT comparing him to Gonzalez. I only stated that before a certain Giants fan can spout that Shockey is the best TE in the NFL, he had better look at TG first. That's it. If you don't want Shockey compared to Gonzalez, that's fine. But then don' claim that Shockey is the best TE in the NFL, bar none. This argument takes 2 to tango.
My post was not directed at just you, so relax.

Originally Posted by True Blue
He only led in catches becuase TG played on 1 leg for 3/4 of that year. And he only had 9 more catches and 121 more yards. And TG still had more TD's. In that same year, Shockey averaged 12.1 YPC. TG, on one leg, averaged 12.3. This year, Shockey averaged 11.1, while TG averaged 12.9. Again, I am NOT arguing that Shockey is a very good player. I am just arguing that he is NOT the best in the NFL right now. ANd with Kellen Winslow Jr. in the league, maybe not ever.
Gonzalez played on 1 leg? He may have never been 100% but lets not get crazy here. Through the entire 2002 season, Gonzo was only on the NFLs injury list for 3 games, and he was probable all three times. They were also for wrist (twice) and shoulder injuries.

As for the TD difference, I really dont see how that is a good argument. Different coaches do different things in the red zone. I wouldnt say that Christian Fauria is an elite TE just because he led the league in TDs in 2002.

As for Winslow, he's a lousy blocker but in terms of recieveing hes a step above Shockey, and that saying alot. Of course it all depends on how they use him.

Originally Posted by True Blue
This is not about college but the NFL. I watched him plently in college. I watched him plenty in the NFL. And, yes, he wilts. I could care less about the catch in Philly. He had a drop in the 4th qtr against SF in the game that counts.
Once again, his drop in the game against SF was nothing when it happened, the Giants were up 3 TDs at the time. If the Giants defense would have done their job, it wouldnt even have mattered. And he still finished the game with 6 catches for 68 yards and a TD, pretty decent numbers for someone who "wilts" under pressure. And of course you couldnt care less about his catch in Philly, that was a huge clutch play, and doesnt help your argument. As for this past season, I'm not sure when he was suppose to be clutch, he was injured most of the season and played on a team that finished 4-12.

Originally Posted by True Blue
And if you claim that he catches everything, then you are not being honest. Shockey has yet to step up to the plate when it counts as a Giant. Want to say that he does? WEll and good. I could care less if you view the world though Giant colored glasses. Shockey is a VERY GOOD talent and COULD be great one day. However, RIGHT NOW he is NOT the best TE in football and he drops more big passes than he catches.
No one is saying he catches everything, so I dont know why you even keep bringing it up. And when exactly has he not stepped up to the plate? His rookie year he was great, and was a huge reason the Giants had the success they did. In the last game of the season, where a win was needed to get into the playoffs, he had 10 catches for 98 yards, including the game tying TD catch. In the playoffs he had another good game, pulling down 6 catches for 68 yards and a TD. And last year, as already stated, was a year where the entire Giants offense was off center, and he was also injured. But somehow, through all his wilting and dropping, he still managed to lead the league in Yrds per game and Receptions per Game.

Sorry but I think it is you who arent looking at things fairly.

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