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03-07-2008, 07:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post

No, slapshots to the head are not part of the game, but it would have to be the most obvious attempt to judge as an attempt to injure. If he appears to be going in trying to score a goal, there isn't much a referee can do about it.

You're also wrong about standing in the crease being illegal, at least under Hockey Canada rules. A player can stand in the crease all he wants. His team just cannot legally score a goal if he's there before the puck. That's what I don't understand with goaltenders. Let the dumbass stand there. If the puck goes in, it doesn't count.
Slapshots to the head happen all the time, and in this case, with a player on a breakaway, it's most definitely a part of the game. How you could even think to justify any shot at a goalie in a game as an attempt to injure is ridiculous.

And, I'm not wrong about the crease violation. Hockey Canada does not have a world governing body, nor do you.

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