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03-07-2008, 08:43 AM
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Are all Canucks fans this whiny? Jeez, littering our boards with crap.

Complete overreaction on Tootoo's hit, especially when the Canucks had a few questionable hits of their own.

Its hilarious, a ton of fans (fans of all teams) on these boards whine about how the edge is being taken out of hockey and how Bettman has ruined the league trying to remove fighting and hitting. But yet any game that as any hit of physical play, there is a huge thread on the main board whining about everything and trying to get people suspended. Now obviously there is a difference between some of the plays Chris Simon has made and physical plays, but alot of what gets "fans" so up in arms on these boards is hilarious.

The players will settle it themselves on the ice (cough get rid of instigator rule, cough).

The other night in Buffalo, Tootoo took it from 3 Buffalo players (two who were late to the play) and he didn't respond with anything in the neighborhood of cheap and got rewarded with a bunch of penalties while Buffalo got away clean. Fast forward that to the game last night and you see exactly why Tootoo reacted like he did.

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