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Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
we have 80 PP goals so how does 217-80= 122?
Because there's a lot of figures that you can get everywhere and don't quite mean the same thing.

Montreal has 213 real goals scored. 4 shootout wins lead to the 217 figure that is seen in the standings, but those aren't "real" goals.

Montreal has 80 power play goals, so they have 133 non-PP goals. And they have seven shorties for a grand total of 126 goals.

The NHL goals-for stats page lists empty netters separately, of which Montreal has five. This results in a total of 122 even-strength goals (including 117 5-on-5, 4 at 4-on-4, and one at 3-on-3), 79 power play goals (69 5-on-4, 8 5-on-3, 2 4-on-3), and 6 shorties, leading to a total of 207 non-empty-net, normal-play goals. They also have one penalty shot goal (hello, Sergei!). 207 basic goals + 5 empty-netters + 1 penalty shot goal = 213 goals + 4 shootout wins = 217.

For the curious, this means that montreal has 1 short-handed empty-netter and 4 even-strength empty-netters. None on the power play -- but their one penalty shot goal was a PPG.

By the by, Montreal's PP is truly the best in the league -- most goals, best conversion percentage... and fewest shorthanded goals against.

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