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04-28-2004, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by HighlyRegardedRookie
I insist you never complain about an athlete who demands a trade again.

It's called "paying your dues", and my biggest problem with Manning is that the situation in San Diego just isn't bad enough to justify not paying your dues. The Chargers have a GREAT situation for bringing in a young QB. They have a good offensive line, a great running back, and talented receivers. This notion that they don't want to do what it takes to win is laughable. Look at the chance they took on Ryan Leaf. Sure, it didn't work out, but it was the same kind of bold move the Giants made to get Eli Manning. They take risks looking to build a winner, and frankly I think they're fairly close.

And every team has pretty much the same resources, the same payroll, and the same risks at stake. There is a salary cap, and every team is at or near it. Every team has incentive to try to win because there is no way to conserve money. This isn't the Boston Bruins of the 1980s and 1990s, who refused to spend the money to build a team capable of winning the Stanley Cup. Everyone spends the same money. The only ways to increase profits are to sell more tickets, make the playoffs, or sell more merchandise. Winning helps all of those things.

As for the "choosing where you work and live for the next 15 years", give me a break. It's not like he's going to be a school teacher. He's playing pro football and making multiple millions a year. In the offseason, he can live wherever he wants. And in a few years, he can leave his team for free agency. Again, it's paying your dues.

If the Chargers were, say, the 1970s Saints, I would see why Manning would insist on not going. Or if they were the 1990s Bengals, I would see why Manning would insist on not going. But this isn't. The Chargers are just not that bad of an organization. You could even say that they are a good QB away from being a contender.
Holy S't!!! Are we talking about the same San Deigo Chargers here?! Because the Chargers that I know are in an awful state with little to no talent on the offensive line and the recieving corps. Honestly the Chargers' o-line and recievers suck. They did finish 4-12 for a reason ya know. David Boston, thought of to be their one legit threat in the passing game last year, is now gone after one season with the franchise. Yes, the one high profile acquisition the Chargers have made in quite some time turns out to fail in SD and leaves the team after just one year. Great message to send Eli. Oh yea, the Chargers have only had 4 winning seasons in the past 20 years BUT WHO REALLY CARES RIGHT?!

Again, I ask if you despise John Elway also. Did you wish for his failure in 1999 because of the draft stunts he pulled?

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