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03-07-2008, 01:17 PM
Avoiding the Cap
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Originally Posted by nni View Post
if anything you have proven that you are close minded as can be, please try not to get mad when someone differs in opinion from you. continue reading oyur workout magazines and preaching the gospel.
And you're running your mouth about something you know exactly the sum total of 0 about. Because you're ignoring the ENTIRE science behind HIIT in the first place.

Originally Posted by nni View Post
to be honest i am approaching this as more of a cycle type approach where you would do it for a period and then stop. so yes, if you wanted to do HIIT consistenyl week in and week out, i can get behind 15 minute sessions. i would recommend 30-45 minutes 2-3 times a week for 3-4 weeks, then 4 weeks of regular cardio and rotate. but yes, i agree with you if this is a constant. as for 60 seconds 100% effort, obviously your 100% will degrade, but it is very doable and very effective.
Really, are you just talking to sound smart? The whole point of HIIT is to keep sessions under 20 minutes at most. Anything over that and your body becomes extremely distressed and it negates the benefits of doing HIIT in the first place. "Do it for a period and stop" Why, if you are doing cardio to boost your VO2max, would you do this and then stop, just to lose all your progress? You can't physically do HIIT for more than 20 minutes. If you do, you are cheating and not giving 100%. It is not "very doable" as it would place a ton of strain on the average persons heart. It's excessive, it's pointless, it's a waste of time and lastly; it's dangerous.

Just because some schmuck posts an article with his (stupid) take on HIIT does not make it the holy divine truth. Every single respectable trainer and scientist who has put this to the test has agreed on the 15-20 minute max range. You do not need 15 minutes of warmup, 5 is plenty. Same for cool down. And you will find precious few people who can go full tilt 100% for 60 seconds. Not even professional hockey players can manage that.

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