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04-28-2004, 04:22 PM
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Last year, the Chargers were the chic pick to win their division. It didn't work out that way, but they aren't bereft of talent. Their O-line was actually significantly better than the league average at protecting their QB, registering 5.52 sacks per 100 passing attempts, compared to the league average of 6.62. Their running back averaged over 5 yards a carry last year. What do you want from their O-line?

The situation in San Diego is good. You have a running game to lean on. You have an O-line that doesn't give up a lot of sacks. For a team drafting first overall, there is a pretty good cradle there for a young QB.

It's the defense that's terrible. They got less than 2 sacks a game, made less than one interception per game, and allowed a 42% third down conversion rate. Just for comparison, the Giants (a bad team in their own right), had 16 more sacks, not quite as many interceptions, and gave up only a 38% third down conversion rate. Even between two bad teams, it's clear that it was defense holding San Diego back.

Strangely, the Giants passing game was actually fairly decent last year, suggesting that maybe it wasn't the QB that was the problem.

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