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04-28-2004, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by n8
(hypothetical numbers) now consider pittsburgh drawing 8,000 per game, 40,000 over 5 for a net of $2M. In the course of 5 games, they just spent $2.5M in player salary, facility operations, personel salary, etc. I'm not saying it's true, but it may be a possible angle afterall, the CBA from Bettman's side will be fought for the Pittsburghs of the league and not the New Yorks and Detroits.
as N8 said small market teams may benefit a good amount from a shortened season by saving money in some areas, while at the same time drawing more interest to the fewer home games, but from a player and owner standpoint eliminating 10 games is better for many teams.

if 10 games are cut out there are 10 games less for a chance of injury before the playoffs, which if you ask a team like the sharks who lost sturm right at the end or a team like the kings who may have made the playoffs if the season ended 10 games earlier would be in favor. less games also mean much more intensity and more meaning to each game, players may feel more pressure during the regular season and more urgency to play hard every nite.

from an owners standpoint, less games means more of a chance to make the playoffs, the race will be much tighter, thats ten points that are no longer available, and instead of teams like the wings or tampa just fighting to finish first overall at the end of the season, with ten less games they may have been fighting just to secure their divisions, it also eliminates alot of meaningless games, such as the ones we saw from the rangers where the only thing that mattered was seeing the kids

along with more interest in home games, it should be harder to get tickets making the demand go back up for games, usually not every fan can go to all 41 home games, leaving seats empty or tickets easily available. now 36 home games, this could just create more sellouts or just more filled seats, especially since the games mean more, allowing owners to lower ticket prices and season tickets because the tickets are A) more in demand
B) the games are more competitive
C) the salary cap saves them some money

there are negatives too, if your players get hurt early and cant come back til later in the season that hurts or what if your team doesnt have a good start or just doesnt click until the end?

personally im all for a shortened season im just not sure if 72 is the right number?

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