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I have found a few more guys worth mentioning, from the team that, for the most part, dominated amateur hockey in the six recorded seasons prior to the Stanley Cup's existence. Together, they went 25-7-1 from 1887-1892 with 112 GF and 63 GA and, despite a 1-4-1 record in 1892, based mostly on regular season losses to Ottawa, they triumphed over Ottawa in the playoffs (sounds familiar, LOL!)

1. D Allan "Eagle Eye" Cameron. Captain of the MAAA until his 1895 retirement... "The engine of the Wheeler attack"... "The most complete player of the 1880's"... Ultimate Hockey awarded him four retro Norrises and a retro Hart.

2. G Tom Paton. One of the finest goalies of the pre-NHL era. From 1888-1892, had a record of 23-5-1 with 45 GA and 5 SO. His GAA during this period was 1.55 and four times had the AHAA's best GAA. Ultimate Hockey awarded him five retro Vezinas and a retro Hart.

3. RW Haviland Routh. Routh was a speedster and a sniper. He was "the blazing force behind winged wheel cup victories in 1893 and 1894". Ultimate Hockey awarded him two retro Rosses and two retro Harts. Routh actually was not with the MAAA from the very beginning, but was part of their cup wins.

4. F Jack Findlay. Not much info exists about him that I can find. But his name shows up in the scoring leaders four times (1887, 1889, 1890, 1891) with 15 goals in 20 games during those seasons, placing 7th, 4th, 4th, and 3rd in the league. Ultimate Hockey also awarded him three retro selkes.

5. D Jack Campbell was not a MAAA member, but may have been the player responsible for keeping the matches between MAAA and the Victorias close in this period. He was possibly the first rushing defenseman. "Solid defensively and strong as a bull"... "marvelous skater, smooth stickhandler"... "the first true franchise player"... "the first star player to be consistently double and triple-teamed by enemy checkers". A fierce rival of Allan Cameron (above). Finished 4th and 2nd in AHAC scoring in 1887 and 1888 with a combined 11 goals in 14 games. Ultimate Hockey awarded him a retro Norris and two retro Harts.

None of these guys are in the HHOF, but their bios make it appear that they could have been actually better hockey players than half of the "forgotten nine" that I brought up last weekend.

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