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04-28-2004, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by bleeding blue
Come on into the Manning debate in the other thread. I'd be more than happy to disgrace your anti-Eli argument over there, come on do it
are you trying to entice me to an arguement? if i wanted to argue with people id go to the espn boards. yeah im sure your argument can convince me that with the giants core players toomer, hillard, strahan, and barber it was a great deal to go with a rookie quaterback now, when last year this was suppossed to be a superbowl contender! oh yeah so today we release collins and sign another rookie to be our back-up, yeah what a great trade! manning may turn into something special, but it wont be this year or next year and we will only have to completely retool around him, as oppossed to just drafting rivers and letting him learn on the bench behind collins

By drafting manning the giants drafted a quaterback to build around for the future, but in order to get him they gave up 4 picks, so how good can this future be? what happens when the giants go 4-12 this year and the chargers get a top 5 pick and the giants miss getting that cant miss player? what does releasing collins, a player who was liked and lead this giant team, 2nd behind simms in passing history, who led this team to the superbowl 3 seasons ago, for a rookie say to vets now? hey strahan thanks for giving it your all, but u wont ever win a superbowl here unless you got 3-4 years left?

the only thing you "disgraced" was your reputation, if you want to debate the manning trade with me you should have said your should check out the manning trade thread, instead you dared me to post over there looking cocky, arrogant, and above all foolish

im not here to argue with people but your post was just uncalled for and if you want to disagree and debate with me, just say i disagree and why, dont dare me to go to your thread

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