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03-08-2008, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Now you know how your head coach feels. When he's on the bench yelling at you guys to move your a**, now you will have a better understanding on what he see's...or not.

Even for me, I drill this over and over again with my players. Always keep your feet moving and stop coasting. One of the best ways to generate speed is to do cross-overs. So rather than stopping, make a big cross-over, re-group in the neutral zone, and start your attack.

The second thing I always stress is fresh legs. 45 second shifts! Look at it this way if you have too. To have maximum speed, you need to bend your knee as close to 90 degrees as possable.

After 8 seconds, your leg (Thigh) muscle will start to feel that burn. This burn is the by-product of used up glucose (natural sugar) that is stored in the muscle. This used up by-product is known as "Lactic acid."

This acid is what start to cramp up the muscle. So to relieve the burn, most players start to straighten up that 90 degree bend towards zero and the power behind your stride goes to hell and a hand basket. Now remember, this all happens after 8 seconds.

Now, to help relieve the burn after 45 second, the body needs to have 2 minutes of rest. This is really an actual formula for disposing lactic acid out of the body. For every minute of work you need two minutes rest.

This is another good reason why you should have three full lines on the team and not just two lines. By the time it is your turn to jump on the ice, you body has flushed that acid out of the muscle and is ready for more. Thank god for kidneys! The acid is carried through the blood stream and into the kidneys where it is processed to the bladder for disposal.

The team that has the freshest legs on the ice, wins all of the time...always! There's nothing better than to have a players that is playing on the fourth line...who's sitting the bench the whole game, jump on in the last 5 mintes of the game. Not only does he have tremendous speed, but that type of speed is infectious. It helps add a second wind to the team.


couldn't agree more with everything you said, especially the knee bend. If only coaches put more emphasis on that when kids first start skating.

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