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04-28-2004, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Stefan_Latulippe
It is not blame it is more saying that he made a mistake....journalists are saying that Sundstrom made a mistake....they should also say the samething about ANY Habs players.
There's one thing that bothers me on the play. Everyone says that Craig Rivet did a bad play by not going after Vinny. The last news on Rivet are that he was playing on the right side, there was a possibility that one player crashed the net from his side. He was positioned to do two things : let Theo see the puck and clear the rebound. If he went on Vinny, he would have obviously been right in front of Theodore (and Vinny was there so that makes 2 players in front of Theo) , blocking hiw vision at 100% and therefore, if a goal was scored he would've gotten bashed for this. The guy did his job, Theodore didn't. Each time on TV, when Bouillon or Rivet go in front of Theodore to play the puck or the player, they bash the guy because Theo can't see the puck. Also, I always said that sending Perreault in the defensive zone with less than a minute to play is plain stupid. The guy was once again covering empty spaces of the zone. Anyways...

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