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03-09-2008, 01:32 PM
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Team positioning drills

I'm getting together a team to play in a tournament in about 2 months. Many of us have played together in the past, but there are a few new players. None of us have played real organized hockey - all started as adults. We have never had a coach, either. Some of us have attended hockey camps that went over some basic positioning and breakouts, but nothing significant. All are long time hockey fans, so we have a basic fan-level understanding of positioning.
I'd like to run the team through some drills that can help us work on breakouts, positioning and communication. I am having trouble finding drills that will help us in our practices all get on the same page.
We do have a former NHL player who now coaches adults who will work with us for a few practices, and he said he'd run us through some breakout drills. I'd like to have more practices than he can support, so I'm looking for more teamwork/positioning drills. If anyone can point me towards some I can use, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm thinking of web resources, books or DVDs.

Here are some things I'd like the team to improve on:
Puck support in the offensive zone.
Forwards backchecking - we have a hard working team for beer-league hockey, but often the forwards come back and just flip into a defensive position when the other team is on the attack. When we have 2 solid defensemen coming back and 2 attackers coming in, I'd like to see the backchecker attack the puck carrier - not get in the way of our (pretty good) defensemen.
Cycling the puck.
Passing back to the points when in the offensive zone.
Neutral zone positioning - where to be and what to do when the opposing team is coming up ice out of their defensive zone.
Transition from defense to offense. Often our defense gets the puck away from the other team in our defensive zone, only to have forwards either cherrypicking way at the other blueline or standing totally still next to an opposing defender. Both give our defensemen no outlet pass. (I think our coach will help us with this one).


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