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04-29-2004, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by kazo
If you guys think Poti is bad, watch how Karel Rahunek plays night in and night out.
The ONLY reason that I put more stock into Rachunek is becuase he is a little younger and has shown more of a willingness to use his body. He is not nearly as scared of contact as Porta is. But the point that I have been making ever since the Rachunek trade is that NO TEAM can afford to have the both of them in the starting lineup at the same time. Imagine if a team like the Ducks were to start Ozo and an Ozo clone at the same time. Talk about Yikes!

It is pretty well known that I am no Poti fan. I was willing to give him every benefit of the doubt after the Yorkie trade. I was even one of those who used the "Rangers got the more talented player, but not as harder worker" excuse. However, Poti has done nothing to validate my early support. As Singin' said, Lowe could not get him to play D, neither could MacT, neither could Trotts, neither could Sather and neither could Renney. At this point in time, I laugh at those saying that he needs a little more time. Come on, he's played 6 full years and has gotten worse defensively every single one. I hate the +/- stat, as it does not prove a thing, however it CAN be used as an indicator. His +/- has worsened every single year. Sorry, he improved this year. His ratings have gone in this fashion:+10, +8, -4, -10, -6, -1. Overall, I'd say that this is a disturbing trend.
Plus what I really HATE about him is his attitude. I posted an article earlier in the year where Poti tried to say that he should be held to a different defensive standard becuase he is an "offensive guy". He said since the "defensive guys" are not held to a high standard scoring-wise, that he should not be held to the normal defensive standard since he is an "offensive guy".
That was a really disturbing statement. He is breaking up players into "offensive" and "defensive" guys. Wanting not to be held accountable for not clearing the puck or causing a turnover just because he is an "offensive" guy is pretty scary.
Now, having said all of that, I do not believe that we should trade him for an old jock strap. While I DO think that our defensive play improves by the simple subtraction of Porta, I also think that it is highly possible that he MAY have just a little more value (due to his still young age and offensive prowers at times) than my tained mind is seeing. But it is also a catch-22, as I think that entering a season with both him and Rachunek in the top 6 is a sure-fire recipe for a defensive disaster. I cannot believe that he has any value at all right now, however, IF you are entering the next season with a very young squad in hopes of securing a lottery pick for Crosby, then having Poti on your team is not a bad thing as it lends itself to more losses than wins. However, if you are serious about next years' team (for whatever the reason) than you can't have those 2 so-called defensemen in your top 6 at the same time.

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