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04-29-2004, 09:40 AM
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Simple answer Singin'...

there wasn't much finishing going on. Can't get an assist when players are finishing. Further, you're not going to get too many assists being Leetch's partner. Too often you need to hang back and be that safety valve (I know, Poti a safety valve, whatever, right, but that's how it was set in that system). Further, you're not the guy bringing up the puck either, so you lose out there, too. I actually would not have difficulty with Poti being on the blueline if he was paired with a competent partner. I think he's a better puckhandler than Rachunek and a better skater. I thought that after Leetch left, Poti was a much better player. I think he's similar to Kovalev in a way. The rest of his game gets better if he's more involved, meaning, if he's carrying the puck all the time, pinching in more often, etc., it keeps him involved and there are less lapses. Like Kovalev - who sucked with Nedved (who often carried the puck). Kovalev's best when he's carrying the puck and playing tons. His awareness improves. Same with Poti, in my opinion. If Poti cannot translate into a good commodity trade-wise, I have no problem keeping him and playing him with Kaspar or another defenseman.

And TB...I don't think Rachunek uses the body any more effectively than Poti. I'm willing to bet that we see Poti bounce back and look like the Poti we saw in the first 1/3 of last season - one that did take the body more regularly. I don't know why I think that though - it's just a hunch and I'm going on on a limb - a real shaky limb and my increasing weight may not be able to hold me.

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