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04-29-2004, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Netro
I would still trade Ribs, especially considering the regular season he had...probably has more trade value now. He is not the type of player that will generally be successful in the playoffs. Small and slow, not a good combo, despite the great vision and offensive skills he has. Defensively, he is weak as well, he is not good at covering his man in the defensive zone and is weak along the boards. Why do think Torterella and O'Sullivan tried to match up their top lines against Ribs. And he is not exactly gritty as well. He has seen a lot of the bench in this Tampa series, don't you think. I am glad that Ribs had a good REGULAR season, and I am willing to bet that Gainey will trade him, as he is not a Gainey type player. On the flip side, I won't be upset if Ribs proves me wrong.

What exactly did Julien say about Sundstrom? Did he blame him for the loss? I highly doubt it. He may have said Sundstrom made a mistake, but as I said ALL players make mistake.

As for the scoring punch on that line, in today's game, if you can get 10 goals in a season, per player (thats 30 goals for the line) then you are getting some scoring punch from a checking line. This is not the 80s, where a Carbo-Mcphee- Nilan checking line will get you 60 goals.

Your post really was sorta useless, and I am not sure why you felt it necessary to start your post with "coming from a guy who wanted to trade Ribs back in December"..What is the point of that, what are you trying to insinuate? Did you go look-up all my old posts to pick on a particular point, which by the way, many would agree with? I just don't understand you. I mean what kind of thoughtful analysis is that. All your post shows is a lack of hockey intellect and analysis. All you do is post with emotion without any insight or knowledge of the game.

What exactly don't you like about Sundstrom's game...analyze his skills, not 1 mistake. Do the same for me some hockey intellect by assessing a players skills.
BINGO! You said that, as a Habs fans, we should not bash our own players....You do that to Is it do what I say and not what I do?

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